Getting Tattoos In Bali

Bali, Indonesia is Asia’s leading destination for travel tattoos. 

Here is an overview of what to expect and things to be aware of for your safety and satisfaction.

  1. Research your dream tattoo design.
  2. Find a tattoo artist and studio.
  3. Make an appointment and pay the deposit.
  4. Get your tattoo done safely and settle the bill after each inking session.
  5. Learn about aftercare.

1. Deciding on Your Tattoo Design:

Step one is a big part of our mission at House Of Ink Bali. To help you make informed decisions about your body art.


2. Find a Tattoo Studio:

Who is the best tattoo artist in Bali?

The best tattoo artist in Bali is different for everyone. Just like how your favorite nasi goreng or your favorite place to stay in Bali might not be the same as your friend’s faves.

Your mission is to find an artist who meets your criteria:

  • with experience making tattoos in the style you want
  • who works with safe tattooing practices
  • at a tattoo shop where you’ll be comfortable getting inked
  • available for the dates and rates that work for you
Which is the most hygienic tattoo studio in Bali?

Even if we can answer that question, it will probably not remain the right answer for a long time. Safety and health are the main parameters in making a tattoo and House Of Ink Bali have a primary focus about the hygiene to to make sure all the tools are clean and always replace the tattoo needles at any time for tattooing for once customer.

Where to look for a selection of tattoo artists and studios?

In terms of Bali’s regencies, Badung is where ink’s at! Within the borders of Badung is the whole south-west coast of Bali which tourists know so well. Say hello to House Of Ink Bali Tatto Studio is once of the best tattoo parlors in Kuta.

3. Appointments and Prices:

Make an appointment online or in person. For up to two weeks after getting a new tattoo, your art cannot go underwater; that means no surfing and swimming, so plan ahead to get your tattoo and care for it properly. A lot of tourists schedule tattoo appointments during their last couple days in Bali. In House Of Ink you can make an appointment by Online Chat on Our Website,  Appointment Form, Facebook Chat, Instagram or  you can Come Directly to Our Store

How much does it cost to get a tattoo in Bali?

There may be no need to schedule an appointment for a small tattoo which can be done in minutes. The studio will negotiate a flat rate or charge a minimum price to cover the costs of materials and pay the artist. You can contact us for the the detail price House Of Ink Bali Tattoo Studio will ensure that you get the best price for the best art results in your body.

4. Hygiene and Safety:

Getting tattooed anywhere in the world comes with potential health hazards. Actually, getting tattoos does not cause infections, but certain pathogens can infect people through various methods of transmission.

These are the infections you really want to avoid:

  • Staph infections including MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant skin infection
  • Impetigo and other skin rashes caused by bacteria
  • Syphilis, a skin infection caused by bacteria which can develop into a disease if untreated
  • Tuberculosis (TB), a bacterial lung infection which can have a dire outcome
  • Herpes virus
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which leads to AIDS
  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus

Many viruses can only live in a person’s body fluids such as blood, saliva and vomit, but other viruses can be passed through the air in a sneeze.

Skin rashes and TB are usually spread through physical contact, something as casual as a handshake or touching the same door handle as an infected person (the same way you would catch a common cold or flu).

Transmitting HIV requires people to mix body fluids by doing things like sharing tattoo ink or having sex. In some circumstances, viruses can be spread through contact with someone’s old, dried body fluids (not to freak you out or anything, but Hepatitis B can survive in dried blood for up to 2 weeks).

Is it safe to get tattoos in Bali?

Wherever you decide to get tattooed, there are always risks to your health and safety, and it’s up to you alone to make smart decisions that minimize your risks.

House of Ink is once of the best tattoo studio in Bali that operates with high safety standards and quality equipment. They also follow the same rules and inspections. More about International Safety Standards for Tattooing coming soon.

To significantly reduce your chances of getting a serious illness, avoid skin contact with everything and everyone who can’t show you clean results from a very recent blood test and STD screening. More realistically, educate yourself about the potential ways that pathogens are spread by tattooing, and how to reduce your risk of exposure. There is no way to protect yourself 100% from infections, even in countries with strictly regulated body art industries.

Tattoo safety tips:
  • If you need to shave your hairy arm before getting inked, use your own razor at home before you go to the studio, or ask for a brand new razor. No new razor? A disposable plastic razor is less than a dollar at Circle K. Bro, please go buy one for yourself and while you’re there buy a bag of razors for the shop. Used razors and towels can spread bacteria that cause staph infections, impetigo and even syphilis.
  • Everyone at the shop, especially employees should wash hands frequently. You can expect the studio’s WC will have a toilet, tissue paper and antibacterial soap. Everyone should be washing their hands and drying them with disposable towels. If the studio has a cloth hand towel for drying hands, it’s not necessarily a red flag, but do you really need to dry your hands?
  • You should see a sterilizer, which may or may not be 100% effective, and you should see the tattoo chair or bench cleaned thoroughly or wrapped with saran wrap. Most artists will wrap the tattoo machine and cords in plastic as well. This should all be done between customers. Arrive to the shop early and watch the set up take place for you.
  • The artist should present each new needle to you from a sealed package (some tattoos are made with various needles of different sizes). Professional artists will get your attention to make sure you witness this most important safety procedure.
  • Your tattoo artist will wear disposable gloves. The artist should pretty much only touch you and the bagged tattoo machine. If they touch other supplies in the studio like pens and ink bottles, and then touch your skin again, whoa, just ask for a glove change right now.
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